Mr. Sam Shosana
Orange Innovation, Inc.

Dear Sam,

It is with great pleasure that I’m writing to express my thanks and deep appreciation for you and your crew on the room/bathroom addition to our house.

First and foremost I think you are an outstanding individual and an excellent model for the construction industry and for any service business for that matter. I appreciated many things about working with you. Your easygoing nature, the fact that you were available and accessible to us throughout the process and that you provided solutions rather than obstacles. You never nickel and dimed us for little things and changes, and there were many.

You gave us an additional almost 400 SQ FT to our house including bathroom, walk in closet, HUGE shower and additional laundry hookups. The skylight in the bathroom is incredible in lighting and it is dramatic in effect. The 9 ft high ceiling with soffit insert gives the new room a very modern look and really opens it up.

The new 200 AMP electrical panel, the tankless water heater were all installed professionally and with great attention to detail. Even when I wasn’t happy with something, you made it right.

You have an exceptional crew of guys with a good supervisor who worked hard everyday they were on the job. It was our pleasure to have lunch with them in our back patio at the end of the job.

We were really impressed and surprised at the speed of the progress, considerably faster than we had envisioned. I took pictures almost daily throughout the process and could not take pics fast enough to keep up with your crew.

Sam I appreciated your regular communication throughout the job, as well as the way you dealt with unexpected developments shielding me from the impact and expense as best you could.

It was quite a learning process for us and of course we would do things differently if we had to do them over, but I know the one thing I would not change, and that is working with you.

In closing, we are very pleased with the final product and are enjoying it immensely. I know that without your assistance, it would not have been possible. I would not hesitate to work with you again and I hope I have such an opportunity. I also would not hesitate to recommend you highly.

warm regards