John and Michelle Currey

If you’re reading this, you’re probably at that scary moment my wife and I were a couple of years ago. How in the world do I find a contractor? There are so many horror stories out there, and even with the GOOD stories…it’s still based on trust.

So there we were – extremely tight budget, a 2 1/2 year old girl, and a pregnant wife. Our contractor was going to do more than build our home; he really needed to look out for us. This is why I have no trouble saying that Sam Shoshanna became part of our family.

  • When you call him – he answers.
  • When you email – he responds.
  • When you want something – he never starts with “no”
  • When you meet – he’s on time
  • When you are caught in red tape with the city – he fights for you
  • When you are happy – he’s happy

We tore down the entire house to the beams (and even lost a few of those). Orange Innovation recognized that since everything was wide open, this was the time to ‘future proof’ and make sure there would be no problems when it was closed up (again, looking after us). With the clock running on the rental home we had moved the family into…and a wife with a baby in the oven…Sam and his guys got an extraordinarily complicated project done in the time frame promised. It looks spectacular.

There are few things in life where you truly need to have luck on your side. This one is easy. You need a good contractor? Call Sam.

John and Michelle Currey
Seal Beach, CA