The 7 Advantages of our In-House Design Team

Blue Prints- As part of our promotion, Our In-House design team will draw the documents and plans required to obtain the building permits. Click Here to Read More about how this process works.

The 7 Advantages of our In-House Design Team:

The Cost: While the average Architect will charge 12%-15% of the project value (excluding engineer and printing fees). We offer it as a promotional tool, at No Additional Cost to you.

The Time: Architects take their time. It’s a fact! As your contractor, the planning is an introduction phase, and thus we are more obligated to providing effective time management.

The Knowledge: We imply out building experience to help you decide ahead of time the feasibility of the project. We’ll also point out the different options, and point out the better ones without having to spend thousands of dollars on unnecessary drafting.

Flexibility: Changes to plans during the construction are faster and cheaper (Usually at no additional drafting cost).

Liability: A builder-Designer is responsible to all additional costs (drafting and Construction related) resulting from planning errors.

Validity: We guaranty the total cost of the project, Including planning and construction, before you sign any agreement or make any payment. As a contractor, building and buying materials daily, we will better assess the cost of the project, and reduce currently expensive factors.

Durability: As builders, we are liable to the structure, and thus we’ll provide a smarter and more solid design.

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