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During the winter months we seem to always find ourselves looking for ways to stay warm without having utility bills going through the roof. Running the heater 24/7 can cause your electric/gas bill to double, or even triple during the winter. Many homeowners are unaware, however, that heaters are generally overused in Southern California.

One major reason why your home’s heater doesn’t seem to be keeping your house warm may be faulty, or worn insulation. Insulation helps keep cold environmental temperatures out of your house in the winter months, while keeping the warmth created by the house’s heating system inside. A problem arises when there are air leaks in the home’s insulation, particularly in the attic, basement, and crawl spaces.

Due to their hidden locations within a home, these kinds of leaks can go unnoticed, and valuable heat can be lost, while the cold air from outside seeps in. Identifying, and fixing these kinds of air leaks can help a homeowner understand why replacing their home’s heating system did not solve their heat issue.

In addition to keeping your utility bills down, having a sound and energy efficient insulation system can save you even more money in other ways. The federal government has enacted tax credits for certain energy saving insulation installations. Check with your local gas company because many are even offering financing to homeowners looking to improve their home’s energy efficiency, and rebates on energy efficient products as well.


The crew at Orange Innovation has years of experience fixing air leaks, and are experts at home insulation repair and installation. Contact Orange Innovation today and see how they can help improve your home’s insulation, keeping you warm while keeping your energy costs down.

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